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Sean Rea

I am a second-generation Canadian with Italian, Irish, and South African roots – an interesting mix to say the least. My family and friends are incredibly important to me, and I’m lucky to say that they have all been so supportive in pushing me towards becoming an author.

Some things I love: reading, writing, film, TV, sports, music, food (eating and cooking), wine, and coffee.

I also love to travel and to meet new people – talking sports, music, politics, philosophy, pop-culture… really any topic if it's good conversation. Speaking of travel... the final words of "The Don of Siracusa" were actually penned in Siracusa, Sicily – I always thought that was pretty cool.

Prior to that, I wrote most of the book at my family cottage in Muskoka. I LOVE Northern Ontario, and I always seem to find a ton of inspiration up there.

Being an author, and a creator, has always been one of my lifelong dreams – although I don’t plan on slowing down now that my dream has become a reality. My immediate goal is to continue promoting my first novel, whether it be at more events, or finding continued success through the tools of social media and online marketing.

As for the future, I hope to someday venture into writing and creating film and television. I have always thought of film and TV as these larger-than-life mediums of communication and to play a role in creating a piece of cinematic art is another one of my lifelong dreams.

Truth is, I’m not quite sure what the future holds, but I’m just getting started!

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